top 10 :: workin' 9 to 5...

Well, actually it's 8-5... or sometimes 8-6... or even 8-7 on a really crazy day.  But that's beside the point.  I have very little to complain about.  I work as an accountant for an outstanding company that has allowed me to work from my home in Louisville 80% of the time.  About once every couple of months I fly down to Atlanta for a week in the office.  

I don't talk about my day job much here on the ol' blog... because, I mean... really... who wants to sit and read about the thrilling lifestyle of an accountant?  Come on?  I'm surprised you've actually read this far.

When I travel to Atlanta for work, I have my own set of quirky little routines and idiosyncrasies. I often battle between the pros and cons of traveling for work... but overall it's a pretty sweet gig.  What exactly do I do when I'm in Atlanta by myself for a week (or more) at a time??  Well...

1) I live out of a suitcase.

2) I eat lunch with co-workers.

3) I sit in traffic.

4) I get manicures.

5) I dress up... (heels and everything).

6) I shop. 

7) I eat dinner in bed. 

8) I meet up with old friends. 

9) I order to go.

10) And oh yeah... I work too. 

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