adoption update :: simple answers for complex questions

As Lance and I have posted updates regarding our adoption process, several questions have popped up... and I realized that besides this post, we really haven't said much about the adoption process at all.

So... I thought a little Q&A might be nice.  Each and every one of these questions could be a post on their own... and probably should... but for now, I'm just going to simply answer your questions.  Simple answers for complex questions...  I promise to elaborate on all of these questions at some point or another.

{Question 1}
What agency are you guys using?
     European Adoption Consultants (EAC).

{Question 2}
Are you doing domestic or international adoption?

{Question 3}
What country are you adopting from?

{Question 4}
What is the timeline?
     About a year.

{Question 5}
You guys must be getting close, right?
     Nope.  We still have mountains of paperwork.

{Question 6}
Are you guys still trying to get pregnant?
     We're not preventing.

{Question 7}
What will you do if you get pregnant in the process?
     We will still adopt... and will then come home with 3 kids.

{Question 8}
Wait, what?  How many kids are you adopting?
     We are pursuing adopting 2 children.

{Question 9}
Are you adopting siblings?
     Maybe.  But not necessarily.

{Question 10}
Are you excited?
     Heck, yeah we are!!

So there you have it... simple answers to complex questions.  I promise to elaborate on these questions as we continue our journey!  In the meantime, your prayers are greatly appreciated as we move forward into unchartered territory.