some days i wear real clothes.

I know that normally I only do "what I wore" posts after a week at the office when I'm forced to actually put on real clothes... but just to prove to you all that yes, some days I actually wear normal clothes (even when I'm home)... I thought we'd do a little "What I Wore Wednesday" this week... you know, just for the fun of it:)

Sunday... {last Sunday to be exact}
top: Gap
skirt: Forever 21
necklace: Charming Charlie's
denim jacket: Gap

Friday... {rockin' the sock bun}
top: Target
cardigan: Gap
shorts: TJ Maxx
scarf: thrifted

Saturday... {shopping day}
top: Forever 21 
(because everyone needs a shirt with hearts on it)
shorts: TJ Maxx

Tuesday... {lunch date}
 top: Gap
skinny jeans: Joe's Jeans (Nordstrom Rack)
scarf (in the background): Ann Taylor LOFT

So... there you have it.  Seeeeee.... I do wear real clothes!  Well, sometimes:) 

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