weekend festivities...

This "low-key" weekend didn't stay low-key for long.  I spent Friday night hanging out with friends while Lance drove to Georgia for the weekend.  Then my weekend got turned upside down when I received a phone call Saturday morning from this awesome couple saying they were heading to the hospital!!  It was delivery day for sweet Eliana!!

Jenny and Isaac checked into the hospital around 11:00am... I arrived at 12:00pm... and sweet little Eliana arrived at 12:37pm!!!  Yes. Thirty-seven minutes after I walked in the door!

It was an amazing day and I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of it.  More on the delivery day later... promise!

Because Eliana's delivery was so quick I had time to relax for a few minutes on the front porch.  Nothing says Saturday like caramel frapachinos and polka-dot pants!

I finished my frapachino just in time for the girls to start arriving! Love me a good girls' night... with lots of secrets, laughter, and nail polish:)

Love these girls!!!

Yesterday was Baptism Sunday at our church and Morgan, one of the girls from our Community Group, was getting baptized!!  She's the one on the far right.

It was so awesome to hear her testimony and watch her be baptized.  I will never tire of watching someone get baptized... so powerful.

Then my weekend came to a close with a sweet photo session of this little guy. This was actually photo session attempt #2... apparently Elan does not like to sleep for the camera... doesn't want to miss his close-up;)

All in all, a spectacular weekend.  Full of babies, baptisms and girls nights... oh, and polka-dot pants.  What about you?  How was your weekend?