31 days of change :: day 1 {welcoming change}

Today kicks off a 31 day series here at the ol' bloggity-blog.  Every year The Nester does a 31 day series for the month of October, and the past few years she has encouraged others to come up with a 31 day challenge of their own.

I have gone back and forth about a gabillion times trying to decide if I really wanted to do the 31 day challenge or if I wanted to just go about my regular bloggy business and pretend like this post never happened.  Mainly because I have not written one.single.post. ahead of time.  When I first started thinking about doing the 31 day challenge, my plan was to be all on top of things and have all 31 posts written and scheduled in advance... but yeaaaaahhhhhh... that didn't happen.

So, I hemmed and hawed over the idea for the past several weeks... Between trying to buy a house and starting the adoption process... routine seems to be a thing of the past for us.  So, am I crazy to think that blogging for 31 days straight will make my life any less chaotic?  I mean, what in the world could I blog about for thirty-one whole flippin' days??

Then it hit me... CHANGE... the one thing seems to be consistent in our lives right now.

CHANGE: v.tr. 1) to cause to be different.  to give a completely different form or appearance to; transform.  2) to give and receive reciprocally; interchange.  3) to exchange for or replace with another.
v.intr. 1) to become different or undergo alteration.  2) to undergo transformation or transition.  3) to go from one phase to another.

We all experience change in our lives.  Sometimes it's changes we make on our own... and sometimes it's changes beyond our control... sometimes they are small changes... and sometimes they are huge, life-altering changes... sometimes it's the changes we make to our wardrobe... and sometimes it's the changes we make to our finances... sometimes we welcome change... and sometimes we fight change.

So, won't you join me on this 31 day journey of change?  I'll be exploring my own thoughts on change and even making a few changes myself... big and small.  Or maybe you'd like to do a 31 day series of your own?  You can go here to check out all of the other bloggers that will be joining in this year.

Change, you are welcome here.

I'll be keeping a running list of my 31 day journey here...