31 days of change :: day 12 {who are you changing for?}

There has been one constant question that continues to come to mind as I embark on my "31 days of change" journey...

Who are you changing for??

Myself?  God?  Others?  I think the answer probably varies depending on the circumstances... but never-the-less... the question remains...  Who are you changing for??  It's been a really challenging question for me to think about as I write each "change" post... and quite honestly, this has always been a challenging question for me.  Who am I changing for?  

Should I make changes so I can be a better wife to Lance?  Most definitely.
But am I making those changes truly for my husband, or so I can be viewed as a good wife?

Should I make changes to my attitude so I can be a better co-worker?  Absolutely.
But am I making those changes so the girls at the office will ask me to lunch?

Should I change my habits so I can make a point to compliment people more?  Sure, why not.
But am I making those changes truly to be kind, or because I just want to be viewed by others as a kind?

Should I share my pocket change with the person behind me in the drive-thru?  Of course.
But am I sharing my pocket change truly to bless someone else, or just so someone will see me blessing someone else?

Often times, it's not the act itself that makes the biggest difference, but rather the motivation behind it.  And I'm still learning that.

Who are you changing for?

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