31 days of change :: day 16 {changing how i spend}

Confession: we like to eat out.  A lot.

I'm not sure how often normal people eat out at restaurants, but I'm pretty sure we surpass that.  There are plenty of reasons why...  1) I hate grocery shopping.  2) We like to eat with our friends.  3) We don't have a dishwasher.  4) Food tastes better when someone else makes it.  5) I don't like to cook.  Yep... that about sums it up.

But here's the problem... eating out gets expensive.  Like, for real.  And we're trying to save money.

So, we're changing how we spend.  Specifically how/what we spend on food.  This might sound easy for some of you out there... but for us... this will be a challenge, for sure.

Does this mean that we won't ever eat out again??  Lord, no.

But we will eat out less.  Significantly less.  This means... no more "grabbing food" out of sheer laziness... inviting my friends to eat dinner- at our house... learning how to cook... having date nights- in our own kitchen...

Getting creative... changing how I spend.

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