31 days of change :: day 18 {pocket change & date nights}

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For this week's "pocket change" post I scrounged up every penny, nickel, dime, and quarter we had in our house for an affordable date night!  We have done this before and totally hit the jackpot with over $50 in change.

Welllll... we didn't have quite that much this time.  $13.10 to be exact.
Hmmm... a $13 date night... yeah... that limits your options a bit.  Movie night is out... tickets alone are more than that.  A dinner date would be pushing it...  But a dessert date??  Now that, we could probably handle.

So I texted this hot guy I know to see if he wanted to meet for ice cream later... he said yes, and we decided on Dairy Kastle (yes, kastle with a K).  I've only been one other time and I'm trying to figure out why that is.  Dairy Kastle is the bomb.

I got what they call an Orange Cow (dreamsicle in a cup) and Lance got a giant soft serve cone... all for a whopping $4.95.  Yep... you heard me.  Four.dollars.and.ninty-five.cents... we have enough change to do it again.  And by golly, we just might:)

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