31 days of change :: day 19 {changing how i give}

Confession #3: I love giving gifts.
I love buying gifts... I love making gifts... I love mailing gifts... I love wrapping gifts... I just plain love gifts.  I love giving them and receiving them.  Call me shallow... I call it my love language:)

Gift giving definitely isn't a bad thing... and it's something I truly gain great joy from doing.  But being on a tight budget definitely changes things a little.

It doesn't change the fact that I still love to give gifts.  But it does change what and how much I give.

While I love to shop for my friends and family... picking out things that remind me of them or things I know they will love... I've learned that it's not always about what I give, but rather how they are thought of.  This can mean... a handwritten note instead of a cute handbag... a favorite photo instead of an expensive picture frame... a handmade birthday card instead of a store bought one...

You know what they say... it's the thought that counts.  So, so true.  I mean, essentially that's what a gift is... a thought.  Letting someone know you're thinking of them one way or another.

Little by little... changing how I give.

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