31 days of change :: day 2 {change of scenery}

Nothing says change of scenery like going from this...

to this...

I'm in Atlanta this week... for work.  And even though the hotel room routine can get lame after a while, there's still something about the change of scenery.  Something about being away from dirty dishes and piles of laundry... even if it is only being replaced with long work hours and take-out food.

Sometimes a little change of scenery can go a long way.  I often think a "change of scenery" can only be accomplished by a trip to the beach... or some kind of weekend getaway.  And while yes, a trip to the beach is always welcomed... it's not always realistic.

A change of scenery can simply mean rearranging a little corner in your bedroom for a quiet reading nook...

Or maybe you just need to turn your desk around to face the other side of the room?

Or what if you just added some fresh flowers to your kitchen table?

Sometimes a change in scenery simply means changing the way you look at the scenery you already have.  

Have you made any changes to your scenery lately??

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