31 days of change :: day 24 {changing centerpieces}

Sometimes the best changes are the simplest changes.  

Take my mossy-little-tray, for instance... I bought the little tray and moss at Hobby Lobby over a year ago... I knew it would make the perfect centerpiece for the white pumpkins I purchased for my fall decor.  And it did.  

But then fall was over, and I wasn't quite ready to give up the mossy-little-tray... so I didn't.  I kept it around for my Christmas decor... and then my spring flowers... and then my Christmas in July party... and then this year's fall decor... and you get the picture.

Basically that mossy-little-tray hasn't moved an inch since last year.  But the contents nestled inside the mossy-little-tray change in the blink of an eye... and I love it.

{october 2011 :: last year's fall decor}

{december 2011 :: favorite santa}

 {april 2012 :: welcome home tulips}

 {may 2012 :: front yard roses}

 {july 2012 :: christmas in july decor}

 {september 2012 :: whole foods pumpkin}

{october 2012 :: right now}

What simple changes have you made in your own house that have the biggest impact?
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