31 days of change :: day 25 {pocket change & piggy banks}

Note: If you're looking for today's Thankful Thursday post... it's right below this one... or you can just click here.

I think I've spent all of my pocket change this month.  Every.single.penny.  

Okay that's not entirely true... actually, the real story is that it's 11:34 pm and I don't know where to go to spend my pocket change this week.  I tried to convince Lance to go to the grocery store with a bunch of quarters to buy me a Dr. Pepper for the morning... but based on the content of this post, we can all guess how that turned out.

So, since I've basically spent all of my pocket change in one month, I thought I would scour Pinterest to get some ideas for where I can start saving my pocket change again... aka, a piggy bank.  Man, piggy banks have come a long way since I was 8.  Dang... I need some of these...


Yep... I'm pretty sure I'll be making that last one:)  Happy Thursday friends.

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