31 days of change :: day 3 {wardrobe change}

We are on the brink of Fall... and I love this time of year.  The shift in weather... the vibrant colors... the smell of pumpkin pie... oh, and the cozy cardigans and boots:)  Nothing says 'change of season' quite like a 'change of clothes.'

Here's what I was wearing at the office in the beginning of August...

And here's what I was wearing at the office just the other day...

I love that simple shift... the one where you go from tank tops to cardigans... from sandals to flats... from linen to corduroy... from bare legs to leggings...

But how do you make that subtle change from summer into early fall without updating your entire wardrobe??  You re-work what you already have!

...add tights to your favorite pair of summer shorts...  {image}

...wear that bright summer scarf with your fall riding boots... {image}

...layer a cozy sweater over that awesome floral skirt... {image}

...add an autumn-toned cardi to pair with that summer nautical dress...  {image}

How are you changing your wardrobe to fit the season?  I'd love to hear any thrifty ideas you have for extending your summer favorites...

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