31 days of change :: day 30 {embracing change}

Change is going to happen.

That, my friends, is certain.  But through this 31 day series, I've learned it's not really about the actual change itself... but rather how I respond to change.  I can fight it... merely accept it... or embrace it.  I desire to do the latter.

The definition of "embracing" is to take up willingly or eagerly.

Eagerly, people.  What would it look like for me to not only embrace change, but to do it joyfully?!?

Crazy concept, I know.  But if I'm super honest, I know this will be tough for me.  I'm usually pretty good about sucking it up and persevering through challenging change... but not before whining to Lance about it, calling my mom for a pity party, and having a small anxiety attack.  But what if I embraced the changes ahead of me??  Eagerly embraced them??  And (gasp) even got excited about them??

The awesome part is that I truly can get excited about embracing change... because I don't have to face it alone. I have a powerful God that not only brings about change, but also allows me to eagerly face it head on with His strength.

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