31 days of change :: day 5 {overwhelming change}

The whole reason why I even decided that I could blog for thirty-one straight days about "change" is because we are currently in the midst of a lot of it.

No really... like, A LOT.

Like, absolutely-paralyzing-stress-you-out-to-the-max-ridiculous-but-awesome-life-altering-overwhelming-change.

Okay, okay... maybe I'm being a tad over dramatic... but the above statement pretty accurately describes how I have been feeling lately.  We are clumsily learning how to navigate our way through the adoption process... buying & renovating a home... job transitions... financial changes... all of which feel like extremely major changes.

And they are.

But they are also extremely exciting changes.

And every single day when I start to doubt that God has a plan for us, He proves to me {over and over again} that He is faithful to take care of his children.  I am continually awestruck by His never-ending love and patience with me.  It doesn't matter how many times I fall prey to my own anxiety and fear... He consistently provides for me over and over again.

But that's the beauty of it all...  We serve a constant God, in an ever-changing world.  His promises are true forever.  No matter how overwhelming our changes feel, God's love for me is even more overwhelming.  And there is great rest in that.

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