31 days of change :: day 8 {changing habits}

There are two kinds of habits... bad habits... and good habits.  We usually want to do more of something or less of something... start something or quit something.  Quit an old habit... start a new habit... you get the picture.

It's those little everyday habits (the good and the bad) that essentially make up our daily routines.  Whether we like it or not, our habits often convey our priorities. 

Here are a few habits that I'm wanting to change...

1) Spend more time studying God's word.

2) Go to sleep earlier.

3) Read more.

4) Spend less time on social networking sites.

5) Eat out less.

6) Don't give in to impulse purchases.

7) Drink more water.

8) Protect my personal time.

9) Compliment people more.

10) Make the bed.

There you have it.  A few habits that I want to change... I realize that several of these habits will take weeks (if not months) to form... and all of them require a bit more of a plan.  But for now, in order to honor the start of habit #2... I'm going to bed:)

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