my {crazy} december 1st wrapping deadline

So... about a week ago I was on the phone with my sister... we were talking about Christmas and about how crazy busy this season can feel... you know, with the holiday parties... the shopping... the baking... the traveling... the gift wrapping... And then I started thinking, "man, it sure would be nice to have all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped early this year..."

I say this every.stinkin.year.

It never happens.

So this year I decided to give myself a due date.  You know like a tangible a deadline...  December 1st, to be exact. Yes... Saturday.

I have exactly 4 days to turn this pile of stuff... into glorified-wrapped-goodness.  And truth be told... I'm pretty excited about it.  I love wrapping gifts.  Like, really love it.  But more on that another day.

In the meantime, I've collected my gift wrapping supplies and will start the wrapping madness tonight!  Chop, chop... 4 days people... four.flippin.days.

What about you?  Do you have a gift wrapping deadline?