thanksgiving recap...

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone... but you know what they say... time flies when you're having lots of turkey:)  Our Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends and LOTS of food.  Most of Lance's family made the trip to Louisville this year so we could host our first Thanksgiving.  We had a blast...

Lance and Bryan getting ready to deep-fry the turkey.  (PS... if you've never had deep-fried turkey you are seriously missing out.)

Linda working on Meme's famous stuffing.

The old church recipe book getting lots of attention this time of year... the strawberry salad is always a favorite.

While others were slaving away in the kitchen, I focused my efforts on setting the table... trust me- this is better for everyone involved.

Keeping Lance company during the deep-fry process... so thankful for this man.

Linda and Hayward in the kitchen.  Love them!

Me and my awesome sister-in-law, Marcia-Lynn.

Food and laughs around the table... so thankful for our friends and family.

My friend Kimi (aka... the best dishwasher in town) joined us this year for Thanksgiving... love her!! 

Holy leftovers.  Seriously... there was more turkey and ham behind me.  Out.of.control.

Nothing beats a good Thanksgiving nap... which we all partook in:)

And I can't think of a better way to close out our Thanksgiving festivities than with a competitive little game of Mexican Train. 

So grateful for a fabulous time with friends and family... lots and lots of turkey... 2 full days off work... some black Friday shopping... an awesome Christmas tree... and a couple of naps. 

Now.  Back to reality... happy Monday folks;)