weekend festivities...

This weekend officially kicked off the holiday season for us... Christmas parties... gift exchanges... and lots and lots of twinkle.

You can't go wrong when you start the weekend with great food and an awesome holiday get-together.  Yummm... brie cheese. 

Saturday morning started with birthday mimosas for my friend Morgan.  Cheers! 

Then we met up with several other ladies for our church's annual women's gift exchange.  You show up with 6 of the same gifts and go home with 6 totally awesome different gifts.  I'm always so amazed at some of the incredible handmade gifts that women bring.  So many talented chicks at our church.

After the gift exchange, some of us decided to enjoy the ridiculously warm weather for a little boutique shopping on Bardstown Road.  It was such a perfect day to be outside!

Then I found out that one of my girlfriends since third grade was visiting Louisville!  It was so fun to meet up with her and catch up!!  So great to see you Lindsay!! 

Then Sunday it was time to pack my bags and head to the airport for a week at the office.  I packed a Christmas book this time:)

I was greeted to Atlanta with lots of twinkle lights and a great dinner with a dear friend.

We had a fabulous, fabulous weekend... what about you?