you better watch out...

That's right... we did it again.  I was in the office last week and me and my favorite co-workers headed out for our annual Santa picture.  This has quickly become one of my favorite little December traditions.  This year we added a few more girls to the mix.  The more, the merrier, right?  I didn't hear Santa complain;)

This is the third year that me and the girls have ventured over to the ghetto-fabulous mall by our office for Santa pictures.  And every year has been a little different... okay, a lot different...

2010 Santa... aka, super-creepy-Santa.  He didn't even try to stay in Santa-role... no Santa laugh... no "ho, ho, ho"... no jolly "Merry Christmas"... just a few creepy remarks about, "What did Santa do to deserve this special little visit..." And I mean, just look at his beard!  Way too short.  We should have known.

2011 Santa... aka, super-awesome-Santa.  This St. Nick was my favorite from all three years.  He stayed in character the entire time... greeted us with a jolly, "ho, ho, ho!"... asked us what we wanted for Christmas (and not in a weird creepy way)... the whole 9 yards.  I'm convinced he was the real thing.

2012 Santa... aka, awesome-bearded-mute-Santa.  To me, this year's Santa was the most legit-looking Santa of the three.  His beard was just right.  Only problem?  He didn't say one-single-word.  Not one.  Completely mute.  I think he was being overly careful to not come across as a creepy-Santa... so I guess he decided if 5 pretty girls come to sit on your lap, it's best to just keep your mouth shut.  Probably a good policy.  Either way... doesn't he look awesome?

But regardless of the year or Santa... one thing stays the same... I love these girls.  Am so thankful for their friendships and that I've been privileged to work with such fabulous ladies. 

Have you already done your Santa pics for the year?  Any other grown-ups head out for Santa pictures... without your kiddos?  Or am I the only one??