change of plans {part II} :: adoption country

Last week I wrote about the change in plans regarding our house...  Well... that was just part I of our major life changes.  I'm calling this post "part II" of our major life changes...  

After being in the adoption process for about 4 months now, we have decided to change adoption countries.  Originally we were pursuing Haiti... and we were pretty excited about it.  Well, the Haiti government has a law that at least one of the adopting parents must be 35 years old... Only problem?  I am 31 and Lance is 33.... yeah, not 35.

Lance and I knew about this law when we started our adoption process, but we had heard that one of two things would likely happen...  1) Haiti would change their laws so that a parent would need to be at least 30 years of age... or 2) there was a loophole around this law if you could prove infertility.  But after 4 months or so, we really weren't seeing progress on either one of those things.  We discussed this with our agency and decided it would be best to change adoption countries.    

Our adoption agency has recommended that we consider either Uganda or the Congo as our new adoption country.  We have been told that either one of these countries will likely have a faster process than Haiti and the financial cost will be about the same.  

Although we were excited about Haiti, I can honestly say that we haven't been attached to any particular country during this process.  I am very thankful for that.  We are ecstatic to meet the future children that God will entrust to us... regardless of what country they are born in.  We trust that the Lord already has our future family knit together... we are simply just waiting to see it unfold.