he & she {winter edition}

{photo compliments of Firm Anchor Photography}

he is enjoying his new(ish) full-time job.

she is savoring the joys of working-from-home.

he is loving the cold weather.

she is so over it.

they are still tan from their recent St. Thomas trip.

he is working hard to launch the Urban Experience this summer.

she is pumped to have some out-of-state weddings on the books.

he is booking the required doctor appointments for the adoption process.

she is filling out the 70 question self-study for the adoption process.

they are hoping to get their second homestudy meeting on the books soon.

he is happy to be reading non-required seminary material for a change.

she is finally finishing the last Hunger Games book.

they are thrilled to see what exciting adventures twenty-thirteen has in store.