january goal recap...

At the beginning of January, I shared that I would be doing monthly goals this year, instead of my traditional New Year's resolutions.  I'm still pretty smitten with the idea... and I thought it would be helpful to do a brief little recap of how I actually ended up doing on my January goals... for nothing more than some good ol' accountability.  So... here is how January ended up... 

Catching up // on my photo editing.
Not too shabby here.  I finished all of my main photo sessions that I was backed up on... then I also had 2 fairly recent baby sessions, both of which I would love to have edited within the week.  But I'm considering the original portion of this goal accomplished:)

Creating more // time to read.
Yes!  I finished The Lone Wolf by Jodi Picolt mid-January (good read... but not a favorite) and am nearing the end of the final Hunger Games book, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  Two books in one month??  This is a pretty big deal for me, people.

Cleaning out // my closet.
Done. And done.  I did some major purging here and had a super successful trip selling some items at the consignment store.  It was perfect timing because we were able to use my consignment cash as spending money for our St. Thomas trip.  I'll need to do a full closet post soon... but it's lookin' good!

Caring for // my soul.
I don't know if this goal will ever truly feel "accomplished," as I think caring for one's soul is an on-going process... but I definitely took some important steps in January.  For one, a tropical vacation never hurt anyone... and our trip to St. Thomas this month was just what the doctor ordered.  Secondly, I am really working on saying "no"... and simply learning the importance of protecting my time.  And then lastly, but most important, I am trying to make time to read God's word everyday... I can definitely tell a difference in my day when this happens or doesn't happen.

So, there you have it... my January goals recap.  Stay tuned for February's goals on Friday:)

And PS... the ol' bloggity blog hit 300 followers this week... thanks so much for reading!