barrow family {louisville children's photographer}

Meet the Barrow family.  Aka... our old landlords.  When Lance and I first moved to Louisville we lived in the guest house of the Barrow's main home.  We absolutely loved living there and the Barrow family were awesome landlords... but even better neighbors.  A few years ago, I took some photos of their oldest, Hudson, (you can see those here)... who at the time was an only child... Add little Cooper to the mix, and we were sure to have an exciting photo shoot:)  Nothing beats chasing two little guys around for some fun photos!

Here are a few of my faves...







Hands down, my favorite is the last photo... #7.  To me, a great family photo is one that captures the truest form of your family... not the super-posed-stiff-smiled images... those are for the birds.  The pictures that remind you of what life was really like in that moment of time... those are the photos that will make you smile for years to come.  Promise.  

Which one is your favorite?