embracing february {monthly goals}

I know it's only month #2 and all... but I'm pretty much in love with this idea of monthly goals:)  Here is what I'm embracing this February...

Focusing on // the home study process.
The adoption process is daunting.  Like, for real.  The paperwork alone can make you hyperventilate.  I have decided that it's best to break this process up into smaller parts... you know, to avoid any unnecessary anxiety attacks.  This month, Lance and I are focusing on our home study process... specifically, this means... 1) finishing our 70 question self-study (we each have to complete this individually)... 2) scheduling our second appointment with our home study agency... and 3) begin baby-proofing our house so we can pass our actual home study, whenever that happens.

Finishing up // old projects.
I have a feeling February won't be the only month this year that has a goal similar to this one.  You see, I have a major commitment problem when it comes to projects.  I love to start them... but rarely see them to completion.  I am working on this.  I have a handful of projects in mind that I would love to see finished in February:)  Stay tuned on this one...

Finding time // for myself.
I am pretty stoked to be in Louisville for the month of February... yay... no travel!!  And I fully plan on taking advantage of some "Julia-time" during my month of hotel-free living.  For me, this means a few coffee dates with myself... working on some unfinished projects (see above)... and some much-needed craft time... cannot.wait.

Figuring out // our budget.
Lance and I have always worked off of some type of budget... but to say it is casual would be a major understatement.  Over the past 2+ years, we've had to buckle down a bit... mostly due to our move to Louisville and Lance being in school.  We've started doing some major debt-repayment and are working on slowly building up our savings.  But now that we have started the adoption process, our financial goals have shifted a little... okay, a lot.  Adoption ain't cheap people.  It's time to get serious.

What about you?  What are you focusing on this February?