the lost art of thank you note writing

Once upon a time... long, long ago... people used to handwrite their thank you's with pen and paper.  They even used this little thing called the postal service to send their gratitude across the country.  But now, in the fast-paced world of emails, Facebook, and texting... rarely do pen and paper even cross paths anymore.  It's a shame really.

Don't mishear me... a texted "thank you" is better than no "thank you" at all.  But there is just something about a tangible thank you card that simply cannot be replaced.  Call me old fashioned, but I sure do fancy a good ol' thank you letter:)

There's not much to it.  My mom had me writing thank you notes as a kid, and the basics are still the same...

A simple greeting (dear so-and-so)... 

Thank you for the (fill in the blank).  You are awesome... the bees knees... cooler than the other side of the pillow... whatever... (just say something nice).

(your name here)

See.  Easy as pie.  Address the front of your envelope... if you're feeling crazy, stamp the back... then slap a postage stamp on there and tah-dah!  You're done.  They don't even make you lick the stamps anymore... they're self-adheasive... I know, the world's getting all high-tech, right?

Go ahead... write an old fashioned thank you note... tell someone how grateful you are for them.  You will feel as good sending it, as they will receiving it... promise.