kelly family {louisville children's photographer}

Meet the Kelly family.  They live here in Louisville... but we know them from Georgia.  We all went to church together in Habersham.  I remember having dinner with Charlie and Tori probably over 4 years ago at their house in Georgia.  We sat around the dinner table talking about seminary and how maybe... just maybe... one day, we would all be living in Louisville at the same time... Charlie and Lance both in seminary.

Welp.  It happened.  Charlie and Tori moved here not even a year ago... with two wild boys and a sweet little (at the time) newborn.  And while Charlie and Lance might not be in classes together, we are so grateful they are here and have so enjoyed our time together!  We had dinner at their house not too long ago and we laughed about how it seemed like just yesterday this was a distant dream for all of us.

Before the holidays I was able to snap a few family photos for the Kelly's... and to say that sweet little Joy Anna stole the show would be a major understatement:)  Here are a few of my favorites...







Love this sweet family.  Which one is your favorite??