march goal recap

Hmmm...  sooooo yeah... we can go ahead and classify this month as an epic fail in regards to my monthly goals.  Okay, okay... maybe not epic... but I'm definitely more on the fail side than the success side... and that's alright... because these are my goals and I can fail them however I want... so there.  I kind of did just a little bit of all of them... and a little bit is better than none at all, right?

Making over // the website.
I have started this one... just haven't gotten very far.  I love squarespace and will definitely be using them, I just need to make a final decision on my template (I'm not sold on the one above just yet) and I have quite a bit of tweaking to do. 

Mailing more // letters.
I have a list of a handful of people I've been wanting to write sitting on my desk... but that's about as far as I've gotten.  Unless you count birthday packages and adoption paperwork, not much else has made it out the door with a stamp on it lately.  This goal might very well be making a reappearance in April... just sayin'.

Minimizing all // our paper clutter.
I did a tiny-little-bit on this goal back in the very beginning of March... but the amount of paper clutter that exists in our house is absolutely ridiculous.  I feel like I have a plan in my head... I just need to tackle it.  I'm really wanting to do a big office-clean-out in the coming weeks, and I'm hoping paper clutter will be included.

Meditating on // the Psalms.
Okay... so this one wasn't a major fail... but I'm definitely still learning the importance of protecting my time in the Word.  If I don't protect this time and treat it like a priority, it simply will not happen.  Psalm 6 and Psalm 63 have been some favorites of mine this month.

So, there you have it... not my finest... but there's always next month:)