weekends & celebrities

Great, great weekend.  Lots of chill time... tons of good food... great, great friends... movies on the couch... a celebrity sighting... and one final trip to the ATL.  All around, no complaints here.

Friday night we did homemade pizzas with some of our favorite friends.  Lance and I don't do homemade pizzas on our own much... but I have to say, we might be changing this.  I mean, not to brag  or anything, but our pizza was delish.

Friday night we also celebrated our dear friends Jesse and Ashley.  Ashley is pregnant with their second little one and they just found out it's a boy!  So, in order to celebrate, our friend Amanda made the most magnificent butter bourbon cake I have ever tasted.  Don't mind that random creepy puppet doll in the background.  Nightmares anyone??

Saturday night was just perfect.  Lance and I stayed in for the evening... he made his incredible homemade macaroni & cheese with chicken... and we sat on the couch... for.a.solid.four.hours.

First we watched Winter's Bone... a pretty serious movie starring Jennifer Lawrence (who I currently have a girl crush on)... it was heavy, but good.  Then we decided to close out the evening with Get Smart... starring Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell.  Super funny... couldn't believe that neither one of us had seen it yet.

Little Cat watched too.   (Sorry... couldn't help it... this picture cracks me up every.single.time.)

Then Sunday I was off to the airport for my final trip to the office (more on that soon).  I was sitting at the gate just minding my own business... when all of a sudden someone sat down a couple of chairs down from me... and all I saw was beard out of my peripheral.

Yep.  A Duck Dynasty beard.  I'll be honest... I sat next to this guy for a full 20 minutes before I realized it was Willie from Duck Dynasty.  I was minding my own business (and People Style Watch) when all of a sudden I realized people were slowing down and taking pictures... then it dawned on me who was actually sitting two seats down from me.  Here's my true confession though... I just watched my first ever Duck Dynasty episode on Friday night (gasp, I know).  But after chatting with this guy for 15 minutes, I'll definitely start watching.  Willie was incredibly friendly and genuine.  He told me that he had flown to Louisville just for the day... he went to meet a sweet 11 year old girl at Kosair Children's Hospital that has been diagnosed with bone cancer.  It was for the Make a Wish Foundation, and this little girl's wish was to meet Willie, so without a second thought, he hopped on a plane to make this young girl's wish come true.  You could tell that the trip had made quite the impression on him.  Very standup guy.

I closed up the weekend in Atlanta with a Chipotle dinner in my hotel room (shocking, I know).  I've been reading The Help, and while I'm quite certain I'm the very last person on earth to finally read this book, it is just as great as everyone said it was.

So.  That was my weekend.  How was yours??