work week wardrobe :: march edition

Not only is this the "March-work-week-edition"... it is also the "last-week-in-Atlanta-edition."  Last week was officially my final visit to the Atlanta office before I leave my current job and start with a new company in early April.  This also means no more monthly hotel-living... frequent flyer miles... car rentals... airport lounging... and you won't have to stare at the Marriott carpet in my fashion posts anymore.  It's all very bittersweet, I know.

Nevertheless... here is what I wore for my last week ever at the Atlanta office...

top: Daniel Rainn (TJ Maxx)
pants: Gap black skinnies
shoes: Bloch classica flats

 top: Old Navy
skirt: Ellen Tracey (TJ Maxx)
necklace: Pyrrha
shoes: Fergalicious

 dress: Gap
belt: Lucky Brand
leggings: Forever 21
boots: Eric Michael

 heart blouse: Fun & Flirt (TJ Maxx)
cardigan: Belldini (Nordstrom Rack)
necklace: Charming Charlies
pants: Gap black skinnies
shoes: Bloch classica flats 

 top: Gap
belt: Forever 21
necklace: Francesca's 
jeans: Joe's Jeans

What this really means is that very soon I will have to start wearing normal-office-y-type-clothing  Not quite sure how I feel about that part yet.  Don't fret... I promise I'll keep the fashion posts to a minimum... 

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