adoption :: is age really just a number?

In this crazy process of adoption, we have been asked literally hundreds of questions as we think about the child or children that we will one day bring home... Domestic?  International?  Boy?  Girl?  Special needs?  Race?  ...And age.

Age was the one question that I didn't think we would have any trouble answering.

Newborn.  Done.


Well... it seemed simple enough.

But once we decided that our adoption endeavors included not just 1 little tot... but 2 instead, (meaning possibly siblings)... our hard and fast "newborn" answer shifted slightly to, "newborn - 3 years old."

3 years old still seemed manageable.

Then our agency called.  Knowing we are interested and open to sibling groups, they strongly encouraged us to consider "newborn - 4 years old."

Okay... 4 years old.  We could still do that.

Then... our agency sent an email out to all the families in their Uganda program... It was an email regarding 2 separate sibling pairs... both pairs older than our "newborn - 4 years" range... one sibling pair was a 5 and a 7 year old... the other was a 4 and an 8 year old.  The email was pretty general... mostly information from our agency about the advantages of adopting sibling pairs... a couple of sentences about the kids...

And pictures.

Photos.  Of the sweetest faces I have ever seen.

Oh, my heart.  My once convinced "newborn - 3 years old" age range, suddenly began to waver.  Both Lance and I found ourselves sneaking glances at that email... staring at those sweet faces... wondering is age really just a number?

Such a hard question.  One we still don't entirely know how to answer.  We desperately want to be responsible as we continue to push through this adoption process... knowing that God will give us the strength and wisdom to love our children well... regardless of their ages.  But none-the-less... it's scary.

As parenting should be.