a precious Gift indeed.

For those of you that have been following along in our adoption journey, you know that we have been pounding away at the massive paperwork process for what feels like forever.  We still have quite a bit to do and lots of loose ends to tie up.  The word "referral" hasn't even been on our radar yet.  But a recent phone call quickly changed all of that...

On Thursday night, around 8:00pm, our adoption agency called us.  Our consultant simply asked us what kind of child we were looking to adopt from Uganda... we went through the stats on the phone... "ages 1-4, boy or girl, open to sibling groups..."  She cut me off mid-sentence, "I have a little girl ready to be adopted ASAP... she is only a year and a half... probably the youngest we have seen coming from the Uganda orphanages... but we need to know right away... like tonight."

Our consultant asked if we wanted her to send us a picture... I said yes without even thinking.  "Now you know that if I send you this picture you won't be able to say no... she is adorable... I need you to understand this." 

Of course I wanted to see her... I needed to see her.  I told our consultant to email the photo and we would discuss it and call her back shortly.

This was not a phone call that we were expecting.  We assumed we would be waiting several months for a referral... after we completed our paperwork... but heck, we haven't even finished our paperwork yet.  This was not the timing we had in mind.  All we knew to do was pray.  And the moment I heard Lance's sweet prayer for this beautiful little girl, I knew.  I was reminded (once again) that this is His story, not mine... His timing, not mine.

And so we said yes.

Yes to this beautiful little girl named Gift.  A precious Gift indeed.

There is still so much that needs to happen between now and when we can bring her home... but never-the-less, we are beyond excited and are continuing to pray for His perfect timing.  We greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this exciting new adventure.