embracing june {monthly goals}

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Start // fundraising.
Adoption fundraising, that is.  June is "get-adoption-stuff-done" month... and fundraising is at the top of that list.  The closer we get to receiving our adoption referral, the closer we get to signing over our life savings.   

Spend // less.
Hand in hand with the above goal, we are also trying to spend less.  Eating at home more... cutting back on impromptu shopping trips... packing our lunches... all-in-all just making smarter decisions about how we spend our money... because we have babies to bring home!!

Smile // more.
Rumor is if you smile more, you actually feel happier.  I'm putting this rumor to the test this month.  I want to overflow with joy and kindness... and I figured a smile is a good place to start:)

Savor // friendships.
We are saying goodbye to a lot of dear friends this month... Apparently June is the month that all of our friends decided to leave Louisville.  So we'll be savoring as much time with them as possible.

What about you?  What are you focusing on this month?
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