dear baby girl {letters from the heart}

Dear baby girl,

We are still anxiously awaiting the day we will get to fly on a plane to meet you.  Everyday we get just a little bit closer.

Today your daddy and I went to the doctor for a general check up and blood tests, which is one of our final requirements for our paperwork.  Typically your mama is not a fan of needles or blood work... but today, I didn't flinch.  Your sweet little face is quite the motivator.

The doctor we visited today was completely new to us.  Up until now, we really haven't had a primary physician in Louisville.  We didn't know a thing about him, except that he was less than a mile from the house and could schedule our appointment within a week of calling.  We arrived at the doctor's office only to find out that Dr. Gray travels to Uganda every.single.year.  I know, right?  He goes with his church once a year for medical missions and to help with other various needs.  I found myself almost in tears this morning as I showed your photo to some of the nurses and front desk girls.  They ooooed and ahhhhed over your cuteness (as everyone does) and my heart almost burst with joy.  I love how God continues to remind me time and time again that He has planned our little family long before we did.

Your daddy and I still talk about you endlessly everyday.  We often stay up late into the night talking about what we think you will be like as we share our prayers and dreams for you.  We talk about learning to do your hair... how spoiled you will be by your grandparents... how we can't wait to snuggle with you on the couch... how your mama will need to learn how to cook... how adorable you're going to be in footed pajamas... We have even decided on your name.  I think it fits you well.  It's beautiful and strong... just as you are.

I love you sweet girl... hurry home.