summer salad series :: grandma's salad

I never really used to like salads... I mean... all those healthy vegetables and crunchy green leaves and stuff... meh. Well, turns out... I actually do like salads... I'm just not a big fan of iceberg lettuce.  Gross... seriously, it tastes like crunchy water.

As long as I steer clear of the iceberg lettuce, I'm actually quite the salad lover... who'd have thought?  (definitely not my mother).

Recently I've been perfecting the perfect make-at-home-salad, and I think I've just about got it.  Back in the day, I told you guys about this simple summer salad recipe here.  This was my Grandma Esther's recipe, and everyone on my mom's side of the family still swear by it.  PS... Have I mentioned that my Grandma had her very own cooking show before??  It was called Fiesta with Esther...  adorable, right?  She could cook anything... even in a dress and heels... with a cute apron of course:)

Grandma Esther's salad really only requires 5 items... lettuce (I usually use spinach), tomatoes, an onion, Canola oil, and Lawry's season salt.  Actually, truth be told, the lettuce is even optional.  It's the tomatoes and onion that are the winning combination here... they work like magic together with the season salt and canola oil.

But come on... who really wants a tomato-onion salad?  Here are my favorite ingredients lately... spinach, tomato, sweet onion, mushrooms, yellow tomatoes, and prosciutto & mozzarella.... mmmmm.  I am usually just making this for myself and Lance, so I'll use a big handful of spinach, a whole tomato (sometimes 2), just a few slices from my onion, 2 large mushrooms, and whatever else I'm craving that day.  You can honestly add whatever you want to this salad, as long as you have the tomatoes and onion.

I'm kind of obsessed with this Boar's Head prosciutto and mozzarella right now... it's delectable.  It also tastes pretty dang rad over plain tomato slices.

Once you've added all of your salad ingredients, sprinkle the Lawry's season salt and stir in some of the canola oil.  Start small, then decide if you want to add more after you've stirred everything up.

You really can't go wrong with this salad.  The canola oil and season salt don't overpower your veggies and everything tastes so fresh.  It's the perfect-make-at-home-salad.  Go ahead... try it:)  You won't be disappointed.