thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for...

1) New blooms.  Last year my awesome next door neighbor gave me some peace lily (I think?) clippings from her own garden and I continue to be amazed at their survival skills.  I thought surely I killed them last year because I waited entirely too long to plant them.  Then this year I was convinced they were goners, when our chickens completely devoured them... yep- ate them down to nubs.  So, I skeptically moved them to a spot on the front porch and attempted to water them back to life.  And just look!  Lo' and behold... the most beautiful bloom you ever did see:)

2) Scanner guns.  This weekend I created a baby registry.  Yes.  A BABY REGISTRY.  I sometimes still struggle to believe this whole adoption journey is real, and that our sweet baby girl could likely be here before the holidays.  This is both completely crazy to me... and completely exhilarating.  Registering is one of those things that pulls you into reality.  It was so overwhelming, but thankfully some good friends of mine came along to help.  But wow... I mean, who knew there were so many different kinds of sippy cups?

3) Painted skies.  We have had incredibly crazy weather here in Louisville lately.  Tons of rain... like the really hard, torrential summer downpours that last like 30 minutes, but seem to happen  But I can't complain when the result is a gorgeous painted sky.  So thankful we have such a creative God!

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