dear baby girl {letters from the heart}

Dear baby girl,

This week your daddy and I got our immunization shots for Uganda.  Your daddy had to get 4 shots, and mama had to get 6... 3 in one arm and 3 in the other.  And I'll just be honest... your mama has never been a big fan of shots and needles... but for you... anything.  I would get a thousand shots if it brought me that much closer to bringing you home sweet girl.

Your daddy put together the crib that Gigi and Hayhay got you... and it's beautiful.  Seeing that crib up in your room fills my heart with gladness.  I long for the mornings that we greet one another in that very room, with you in that very crib.  Who knows how long you'll tolerate a crib though... rumor has it you're already walking!  I can't wait to chase you around this house:)

Everyday we anticipate meeting you... holding you... protecting you... We can hardly stand the distance and continue to hope and pray that we will travel soon.  It's true what they say... the waiting really is the hardest part.  Hurry home sweet girl, hurry home.