weekend festivities {nashville edition}

This weekend involved a quick road trip down to Nashville, TN to see my very best friend since 3rd grade... 

She and I go wayyyyy back... from barbies to cheerleading tryouts... from high school choir to college road trips... we've been through thick and thin and I was deliriously excited to see her.

But let's be honest... the real reason I traveled to Nashville was to see this little guy.  Jack.  Aka, the cutest little dude I've ever seen.  Those blue eyes will simply steal your heart.  The last time I visited Nashville was for Christi's baby shower... so it was high time for me to finally meet little Jack.  I was sure to give him plenty of Auntie Julia kisses:)

Christi and I also made sure to get some grown-up time on the weekend agenda too... nothing says grown-up time like brunch and bloody mary's, no?  It was my first time eating at Mack & Kate's in Franklin, TN and I'm a major fan.

We also headed out to a fun little event, Red, White & Brew... hosted by the Community Foundation of Nashville.  I'm always game for a "battle of the food trucks" event... seriously... brilliant.

Saturday night was spent by ordering pizza and watching Pitch Perfect (aka, probably my absolute favorite movie right now)... Christi hadn't seen it yet, which I deemed a major travesty.

But no doubt, this little man stole the show this weekend.  Ridiculously cute.  Can hardly handle it.

What about you?  What did you do this weekend??