he & she {adoption edition}

he is putting together the crib and dresser for baby girl's room.

she is picking out paint colors and fabric swatches for baby girl's room.

they are anxious to actually have baby girl in baby girl's room:)

he is preparing to be out-numbered in his own house.

she is buying shoes in 2 different sizes now:)

he is updating and managing the coffee fundraising.

she is creating and posting jewelry for the Etsy fundraising.

they continue to be amazed by the generous love and support that has come in from family and friends.

he knows the notarizing guy by name.

she knows the fingerprinting girl by name.

they are no stranger to documentation and paperwork.

he is following up with our agency regarding our court date.

she is following up with our loan applications regarding loans and grants.

they are desperately awaiting their travel dates.

he shows his daughter's picture to everyone he meets.

she can't wait to kiss her baby girl's cheeks.

they are ready.