weekend festivities

Sigh... oh, how I love 3-day weekends.  They make me so happy.  I think we need more of them. Who do I need to talk to about that??  

My weekend festivities started a little early with a fun lunch visit from some of my favorites.  My office is in Southern Indiana (about 30 miles from Louisville) so any friends of mine that are willing to make the drive for a lunch date are pretty spectacular in my book.

Always love lunch dates with this little guy... his mom's pretty awesome too:)

Friday night Lance and I went to a concert where a couple of local bands were performing.  House Ghost and then No More Kings... pretty amazing.

Saturday we got all decked out for the most beautiful wedding ever.  Seriously.  I felt like I was right in the magazine pages of a Country Living farm wedding.  It was picturesque.

Then the bottom fell out and a ridiculous torrential downpour ensued.  It.was.insane.  There's just nothing quite like being corralled under a giant tent with 300 of your favorite people while you try to decide what stable object you should hold on to when the 65 mph winds come through.  No, really... this happened.

But it didn't faze the bride and groom one bit!!  This adorable couple just rolled with the punches... soaked to the bone, the smiles never left their faces.  They are such a joy and we are so thrilled for them as they start this journey together!!  Congrats Jason & Morgan!! 

I spent the late hours of Saturday evening with Little Cat in the sweatshop making new jewelry for our Etsy shop.  I'm telling you... he's really not much help.  I should find a new assistant.

Sunday was pretty low-key, which was exactly what we were needing.  It involved an afternoon nap for Lance and some more creative time in the sweatshop for me.  Sunday night I hosted a girls night with some of my favorite girls and favorite snacks:)  It was fabulous.

Early Monday afternoon I met up with a girlfriend (Lance had to work) to catch the matinee showing of The Butler.  Excellent movie.  It was a pretty heavy storyline, but totally worth it.

The rest of Monday was spent cleaning house and tending to our tomatoes and chickens.  The tomatoes are plentiful and the girls are swell:)  Let's just say we've been eating lots of tomato sandwiches and scrambled eggs.

What about you?  How was your 3-day weekend?