dear baby girl {letters from the heart}

Dear Baby Girl,

The past few weeks have been full of updates and changes.  Your daddy and I found out out that you are now living in a small baby home with about 10 other children.  This is a big change from your previous surroundings, but from the updates we've received it sounds like you are slowly adjusting to your new environment.

Knowing that you would soon be moving to a new facility has been so, so hard on your mama.  I desperately want you to be home.  But receiving a small update from the orphanage director helped me breathe a little easier...

"Gift is 8kg, and generally her health is good.  She is a nice girl who wants to be loved all the time.  She wants to always be around people.  She enjoys all the food we give her and also she likes playing with the toys so much.  She is used to the surroundings now, because the first two days she was not used to the people around her and cried some.  We are happy that she is now smiling."

Oh, sweet girl!!!  So many amazing things in that one short little update!  For starters... you're a tiny little tot (about 18 lbs)!  But you look incredibly healthy with cheeks that I can't wait to get my hands on:)  It warms my heart that you seem to be forming attachments and bonds, even amidst all the transition.  This is a big deal.  Man, how I long to see that little smile for myself soon.

We also got a new picture this week... our third one in total.  I smile every time I look at it (which is like a hundred times a day)... you are on a little tricycle... in what looks to be some kind of frilly red and green Christmas dress.  You have the deepest, most beautiful eyes... wise eyes.  I love them.  Your cheeks are ridiculously kissable and your mama can't wait to kiss every square inch of them.

Soon, baby girl... soon.