dear baby girl {letters from the heart}

Dear Baby Girl,

I can hardly believe it’s all finally happening.  It’s crazy to think about how you can wait, and yearn, and pray for something for so long, and then in the blink of an eye, the day is finally here.  We thought surely the hope of meeting you this fall was slipping through our fingers, as the days continued to go by with no word from our attorney or agency.  But then... just like that... with one simple phone call this past Tuesday everything changed.

Our adoption agency called to ask how fast we could be ready... could we make it in time for a November 1st court date?  Could we be in Uganda by the 29th of October?  Could we make it all happen?  YES. YES. and YES.  And just like that, we were on the phone purchasing plane tickets... scheduling travel... making hotel reservations... buying diapers... digging out passports... filling out visa paperwork... and BAM... 5 short days later we’re on a plane.

And now, here we are... pacing the terminals in the Dubai airport just waiting to board our last plane of the trip.  We are both a bundle of anxious energy... excitement and nerves... sooooo ready to see your sweet face.  I have been dreaming of this moment for so long... seconds don't go by where I'm not thinking about you.  I dreamed about you on the plane.  I can’t wait to take in your smell... kiss your sweet cheeks... learn your little quirks... listen to your cry... embrace your giggling laugh... see your beautiful smile... just hold you in my arms.  

Oh, sweet girl... we’re coming... so close.  All our love and kisses.