how i lost my identity in the bottom of my diaper bag... (and my favorite chapstick)

Just a week after we brought our adopted daughter home from Uganda, some very dear friends hosted a beautiful baby shower to welcome us back. There were piles and piles of gorgeously wrapped gifts. Diapers, wipes, baby lotion, hair products, ridiculously cute pajamas, frilly dresses, adorable shoes, monogrammed bibs, a high chair, and even the stroller and bedroom set we registered for. You name it we got it. And do you know what I was most excited about? The diaper bag.

My diaper bag. (Ahem . . . I mean, my daughter's diaper bag.) It was a beautiful black monogrammed canvas tote from the Pottery Barn. It had about 800 pockets inside . . .  then another 400 pockets on the outside. I was more excited than any normal human should ever be about filling up that diaper bag. I took special care deciding how many diapers to keep in the bag. Which pocket should I use for baby lotion? And which pocket should I use for baby powder? Should I keep snacks and juice in separate compartments? Do I still carry a purse? Should I use the inside pockets or outside pockets for my cell phone? And where do I keep my chap stick so I don't lose it?  You know, all the logical questions for a new mom.

It was as if all of a sudden, I could now identify with this mommy-world of diapers and sippy cups. I was one of them....

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